Watermelon Math: Bringing Joy to Studying Math!

Save over 28% on this delightful flashcard set of illustrated math concepts

November 29, 2023

Test prep expert Kelly Clement, owner of MindMine Education, knows that plenty of students don’t associate “joy” with math. Having spent 12+ years specializing in test prep for middle and high school admissions exams (the ISEE and SSAT), she wanted to start creating products that aimed to lessen anxiety often associated with math and test preparation, and replace it with the feelings of joy and whimsy. 

Watermelon Math is a set of flashcards that aims to make the task of learning math concepts in grades 4 through 6 more pleasant. Each flashcard features illustrations that have been  thoughtfully drawn and designed, so that students are more likely to remember the concepts--and enjoy the time they spend doing so!

The box contains 42 hand-illustrated cards, covering data concepts like mean, median, mode, and range; pre-algebra concepts like ratio, expression, and integer; geometry concepts like area, perimeter, and volume; and various numeracy concepts to help students build their library of math concepts.  

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One unique aspect of Watermelon Math is the ability to resonate with students on a personal level. One 8-year-old student said:

“I really like the artwork because the pictures are cute and fun but also the way the pictures help me to understand and remember is the best. There were some math ideas that I have not learned yet in school, or I learned but did not know the name.”

Not only is Watermelon Math an effective educational tool, but it also makes a great gift for the upcoming holiday season! 

Order Watermelon Math today and start making math FUN!

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