Former Judo Olympian is Bringing a Kids Program to our Neighborhood

By By Carolina Taratuty Editor & Publisher MK Miami NE and MB October 9, 2020

Sensei Josue Deprez, is a 3rd-degree black belt in Judo and a former Olympian. He fought for over twenty years in the Haiti Nationals, winning national titles 9 times. His stellar resume includes 15 international medals including 10 gold ones. With an undergraduate degree in Judo and Sports Education and Physical Education certifications, Josue brings extensive expertise in the sport. He reflects his passion for Judo in every conversation he has with others and every move he shows to his students.

In his own words, Sensei Josue Deprez told me, “Judo is one of the best sports for kids because through this martial art kids learn discipline, balance, self-confidence, respect, and coordination. It helps kids to defend themselves from bullying at school through the affirmation of their self-esteem. It prepares them to become athletes through building muscles, gaining speed, developing endurance, and resistance. It is an ambidextrous sport, training the body to use both the left and the right side, helping kids develop their body for the future."

While following CDC guidelines, Sensei Josue Deprez is bringing a Kids Program to V3 Perform in the heart of Miami Shores, located at 575 NE 87th Street. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm kids ages 5 to 11 are welcome to learn with one of the best Judo Sensei.  

Raised by a single mother, brought up with four sisters, and a father to daughters himself, Sensei Josue Deprez respects and admires women above all. Therefore, he added a Self Defense class to his offer at V3 Perform every Saturday at 11:30 am. Please kindly pre-register for this class, spots are limited.

For more information contact V3Perform at 305.906.1444 or visit

In the meantime follow Sensei’s Instagram @deprezj

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