Exposing our Children to our Culture and Customs

Food Brings us Closer to Home

By Carolina Taratuty, Editor & Publisher | MK North East Miami and Miami Beach August 28, 2020

As parents, specially immigrant parents, we like to expose our children to our native cultures and customs. It is a way for them to learn about how we grew up and how our families live back in Argentina and France. It is not always possible to travel back, so we find other ways of bringing our countries to our kids while living in our home city, Miami.

Food is what mostly connects us with our roots, music does a great job too. Going to restaurants is a treat that we enjoy very much as a family. For Argentine food our favorites are Fiorito, Buenos Aires Grill and Novecento. Our kids love breakfast when including French pastries. For a French taste Buena Vista Deli is a great option, their fruit tarts are exquisite. We can’t go wrong with La Provence Cafe and Bakery their pain du chocolate and delicious croissants are a must.

But we also like to have things at home that we would definitely eat when we are back in Argentina or France. On my end, I can’t live without dulce se leche and now my kids either. I find our favorite dulce de leche at Bay Supermarket where I also get those cookies and alfajores that remind me of my family's summer breaks as a child. We recently baked a Exquisita, and the kids enjoyed the fact that their cousins bake the same cake. Stopping at La Estancia Argentina is a joy, it offers a wide variety of many Argentine products, from meats to candies, to pastries and a great selection of wines. I can even buy “paraguitas” chocolate lollipops for my kids who love them because they know me and my sisters used to eat them as young girls. Buenos Aires Bakery is a must stop when heading to the North Miami Beach. Nutella, brie cheese, baguette and madeleines are never missing in our kitchen.

I bet we all agree that kids are sponges, specially when coming to learning different languages. Our kids are constantly exposed to Spanish and French through conversations and music. They love to listen and dance French-Caribbean music, then hear and laugh about all those childhood stories that my husband tells them after playing his favorite songs.

The dilemma comes during the Soccer World Cup. Who are our kids going for? Argentina or France? ...

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