The Missing Peace® Opens Its First Center for Kids in Miami Shores

Helping kids reach their full potential, providing individual attention academically & behaviorally

By The Missing Peace® March 3, 2020

The Missing Peace®, Miami Shores's newest occupational therapy center, has recently opened its first facility's doors, continuing to provide the excellent care that its patients have come to expect since 2014, and being able to serve even more patients in the community.

With a background in Early Childhood Education, The Missing Peace's Founder and President Jennifer Rapp started her career at a local private day school teaching Early Childhood. Her absolute favorite- two year olds! As life would have it, a very special student introduced her into the world of Autism. From that day on, she knew what she needed to do. Under the guidance and training of The Lovaas Institute, Jennifer spent 10 plus years working privately providing Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to private clients, all while continuing her career in Education. As a director of an Early Childhood school in Miami Beach, Jennifer was able to share her skills as a leader and administrator. The Missing Peace has always been a dream of Jennifer’s. In April 2014, thanks to the support and guidance of her husband, she took the plunge.

Today, The Missing Peace serves over 300 clients, working with families who have children that require individual attention both academically and behaviorally. They understand and respond to the needs of the individual child, and commit to providing high-quality services to maximize their potential and shape a brighter future.

The Missing Peace services include:


Every child deserves the right to learn the way in which they will succeed best. The Missing Peace  is committed to using a variety of different forms of instruction in order for the child to gain understanding. A strong educational foundation builds the path for a child's future:

  • In-class educational support
  • Tutoring
  • Personal Skype sessions on demand
  • Singapore Math tutoring
  • Orton Gillinghman’s reading tutoring


Behavior is one of the most important aspects of our being. It is who we are, how we interact and how we execute and plan our daily lives and actions. The Missing Peace  incorporates behavioral intervention in a variety of ways. Everyone learns and acclimates in different ways; our goal is to find the most productive and successful approach for your child.

  • Applied behavior analysis
  • Parent/Coaching training
  • Behavioral shadowing
  • Behavioral Sports training
  • Executive functioning


At The Missing Peace  they are huge believers in Occupational Therapy. Many of their clients benefit from this direct instruction. Their therapeutic sessions address the development of cognitive, physical, sensory and motor skills.

  • In the sensory gym
  • At home or at school
  • Caregiver and teacher education


Being a parent is one of the most important and rewarding jobs you will have, and knowing how to help your little one reach their development milestone can be daunting. The Missing Peace offers Parent and Me classes that encompass a wide range of early development skills that will help you and your youngster grow together. The key to seeing continued growth in your child is to start early. Their passionate, engaging instructors and specialists make all the differences in helping your child flourish. Participating in a group of like minded families will offer the opportunity for you to join a community that will support the development of your child. 


Individual guidance makes a difference. The Missing Peace's team of 19 specialists come to you, whether home or schools, to allow for an optimal learning environment. Each and everyone of them give everything they can to help each client reach their full potential. Their mission is quality - they strive to be the best.


The Missing Peace currently provides services in the Tri-County area: Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach.


Center Address

9717 NE 2nd Avenue

Miami Shores, FL 33138