MacKid Mom's Review: Nékter’s 6-Day Celery Detox

By Macaroni Kid North East Miami and Miami Beach March 27, 2019

There’s a new wellness trend gaining popularity on social media, with celebrities and health gurus. It’s called celery juicing. I first heard about celery juice when I recently visited Nékter in Aventura (2960 NE 199th St Suite 4, Aventura, FL 33180),  a local juice bar offering an innovative, nutrient-rich and delicious menu of freshly made juices, superfood smoothies, acai bowls and healthy snacks. I was there with my 5 year old for a mommy and daughter date when the juice bar’s owner Nico Solanki introduced me to Nékter new 6-Day Celery Detox, the “latest, easiest way to detox and restore your body’s natural balance and glow…the perfect supplement to any lifestyle or diet”.

As one of nature’s most powerful healing juices, Nékter says that celery is extraordinary in its ability to detox and promote a healthy gut, with an impact on the entire body from digestion and immunity to weight and mental health. The 6-Day Celery Detox harnesses this powerhouse veggie in six, 16-ounce bottles of cold-pressed celery juice, finished with fresh lemon and fresh mint for a refreshing taste. 

I had heard about juice cleanses before, and it’s something I’ve considered doing for a long time. So when I was invited to try and review Nékter’s 6-Day Celery Detox I was really excited. I wanted to put myself to the challenge of drinking celery juice every day for six days and see firsthand if it really works. 

This was my very first juice cleanse experience and what I liked about it - apart from the results that I am going to share with you in a minute - is that I didn’t need to completely shift my routines to achieve a body reset. I definitely consider myself a foodie and with Nékter's 6-Day Cleanse, I was still able to eat regular food. I simply had to start the morning with one bottle of celery juice on an empty stomach, and then after 30 minutes, eat a normal and clean diet to give my digestion an effortlessly effective boost. 

What does the juice taste like? 

Celery juice is not exactly a sweet smoothie, on the contrary its taste is strong and bitter. It tastes kind of like drinking a salad but it has fantastic benefits that make it well worth it - it is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial for the gut, among other of its benefits, taking all the toxins out. Pro tip: take it out of the fridge a few minutes before your drink it and drink it from a glass. It literally wakes you up. To be honest with you, after 6 days of drinking it every morning, I was actually craving for more of it.

How did the celery detox cleanse make me feel?
My reasoning behind trying the detox program was that I always feel a bit bloated. I pride myself on eating a clean diet and in the past 10 weeks I have been doing a sort of paleo diet - lots of proteins, hardly any processed foods, dairy, gluten and alcohol (if you missed my body transformation challenge with Cyklejab click here to read about it). Nevertheless I still felt like I was not digesting properly. After 6 days of drinking celery juice, I feel cleanse and lighter, my stomach feels flatter.
Plus, celery contains ample amounts of vitamins A,B, C and K, as well as folate, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants. It help repairs skin and produce collagen, which is great because I also wanted to get a clearer skin, which I did!
Last but not least, Nékter 6-Day Celery detox made me even more conscious of everything I put into my body. And for me, this is one of the most important results.

What was the most difficult part of the program?

I am the type of person that wakes up and has to eat. With this detox program I had to drink the celery juice on an empty stomach and wait 30 minutes before eating my breakfast, for example the paleo banana bread which I have been having a lot lately. This was probably the only hard part of the program as in the morning we are always on a mission to prepare the lunch bags for the kids, get everybody ready and out of the door in less than 90 minutes. 

What is my final verdict? 

Celery is no quick fix or magical wand that flushes all our bad healthy eating habits away but it is a great drink that when paired with a healthy nutrition plan and lifestyle can really work. 

How do you get started? 

The 6-Day cleanse is only $44.50 (starting price) which I think is a reasonable price compared to other Detox Programs. With this price they also give you a free insulated bag to put your juice bottles in. You can order it online or pick it up in store. Picking up your juices is super easy; just call ahead and let Nékter’s team know you’re planning to pick up a 6-day cleanse. They’ll make sure to get it ready for you, nice and fresh. The location in Aventura is very easy to find and with a lot of parking available. You can also download their app, order that way and collect fruit points to receive a reward! 

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