CykleJab - 8 Weeks Back To Me (Week 6)

5 Things To Remember During The Body Transformation Challenge

By Macaroni Kid North East Miami and Miami Beach February 28, 2019

This is the end of week #6 of my 8-week Body Transformation Challenge with CykleJab - the finish line is in sight. 

When I started this journey, for some strange reasons I was expecting that once I reached this point I would have been over the hump and ready to enjoy the bright side of fitness only. In reality, having reached this point, I realize that the the journey still has its fair share of bumps in the road and that these 2 remaining weeks won’t be a walk in the park just because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What shall I do about it? I shared my thoughts with CykleJab’s co-owner and trainer Ralph over this past week more than in the first 5 weeks. (Luckily for me he is a good listener just as much as a knowledgable and motivating trainer.) After a lot of talking (and texting) these are 5 things that I should keep in mind to get over these humps during my fitness journey:

  1. It doesn’t get easier. It gets better - My body got lighter, my muscles are more compact and the moves are easier. But hard work is always hard - yesterday, today and tomorrow - because we should push ourselves to do the best that we can, given our level of fitness.
  2. Trust the process - Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. “It took you 6 years to gain these extra pounds. You will lose this weight much faster than it took you to put them on.” Ralph keeps telling me. There are no quick fixes when your goal is to be the best version of you. Show up, get the work done, be consistent inside and outside the gym….the transformation will eventually come together. Give CykleJab 8 weeks and they won’t just change how you look, they’ll change how you feel. Whether you’re brand- new to fitness, restarting your journey, or a seasoned expert, this will motivate and help you get fit, loose those last few pounds of belly fat and improve your energy. 
  3. What happens in the gym doesn’t stay in the gym - Healthy living is more than just a couple of training sessions per week. It takes discipline and consistency 24/7. It means sleeping at least 7 hours per night, refusing that drink on a night out, planning weekly meals, no snacking on the couch after dinner when the kids are finally in bed. 
  4. There’s a difference between sore and pain - Muscular soreness is a healthy and expected result of exercise (hard work!). In fact, there's nothing like some satisfying soreness. Pain may be indicative of injury, and a visit to a physician or physical therapist may necessary. 
  5. Have fun! We go to the gym to see results in the mirror. But at the end of the day the gym should also be a fun experience that makes us feel better, physically and mentally. CykleJab is a “Judgement Free Zone”, an inviting and everybody’s-welcome gym where to  train hard and practice a unique workout together with other like-minded people. 

It’s not too late to get into the shape! Join CykleJab’s Body Transformation Challenge and you’ll receive 32 classes in 60 days, one HR Monitor/Calorie Counter, one pair of boxing gloves, one pair of boxing wraps, 8 week of nutritional guideline, one on one initial assessment with certified personal trainer, access to food delivery service at a discount. I can’t wait to do this with you!!

Want to learn more about CykleJab? Visit their website here.

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