CykleJab - 8 Weeks Back to Me (Week 3)

3 Things To Do Before You Join A Body Transformation Challenge

By Macaroni Kid North East Miami and Miami Beach February 7, 2019

Getting in shape is a goal that many of us wanted to pursue in 2019. However, according to U.S. News & World Report, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions will fail by the end of this month! Setting goals is easy, but working towards them and meeting them is a challenging habit. Many of us are wondering how to stay on track and reach our health & fitness goal. Some are thinking about joining the transformation challenge. Others have just started one. 

I have just finished my week 3 of CykleJab body transformation challenge and my body feels like it is adapting to this new training really well. I don’t crave comfort foods or alcohol anymore, I have more daytime energy and I found my core muscles again! (Now that I know that they are there, I need to learn how to tighten them, but that’s a different story…)

If you're thinking about taking the challenge too, here are three things I recommend you to do before you start for a successful and enjoyable experience: 

FIND YOUR WHY - Whether you’re brand-new to fitness, restarting your journey, or a seasoned expert, your “WHY I take this challenge” is the one constant that will guide you toward results and success. Once you discover your WHY, you will be better able to make more intentional choices and align them with every action you take. Everyone has different reasons for starting this journey - for some it might be solely to lose fat, for others it’s more about tone up, gain muscle, or lean out for example. I found my WHY when I took my before picture. Till then I was curious and excited about this program but i felt I was missing a certain “Je ne sais quoi”. After I saw that  woman standing in front of the camera with an upset face, my why became clear. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin again and wear any cloths I want without worrying about my "Muffin tops", "bingo wings", "turkey wattle", "love handles", "cankles”, etc! Those days that I find it hard to keep going, I look at that picture on my phone, focus on my why and get back on track. Knowing my why has also improved the effectiveness of my trainings. At CykleJab, there’s never one size fits all training. I know that if I want to burn fat, I have to be in the Orange zone (84-91% of my maximum hear rate) as much as possible. With my heart rate monitor, CykleJab’s instructors are constantly checking on me and adjusting my training to help me get the most out of my workout time and reach my goals.

“If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” (Ryan Blair)

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY - Now that you found you why, you are ready to hit the gym. We live in a big city, and if we google search “gym near us”, dozens of studios within a 15 mile radius will pop up. If you're unsure of which gym to sign up for or which fitness  class you'll enjoy the most, some places will let you try before you buy. CykleJab is offering a free class that includes: high intensity 50 minutes group workout, free boxing glove rentals, free parking access and a free pass for a friend or loved one. I took my free trial class at CykleJab right before the Holiday season last year and loved the uniqueness and intensity of their workout. CykleJab has bikes that literally move side-to-side with you - It took me a little time to adjust and get comfortable, but once I found my balance, it ended up being an awesome workout. Plus, after pedaling for approx 20 mins, I punched a bag filled entirely with water for about 20 mins, with 10 mins of no-equipment exercise. #theultimate50minuteschallenge. The owners created this concept to go after their clients’ upper body, lower body, core and cardio workout all in one!  They also explained that if you have ever taken a boxing or cykling class, it is very difficult to give it your all for one hour, whereas, you should absolutely be able to push for 20 minutes on each modality!

‘You Will Never Know Until You Try’ (William Cobbett)

GIVE YOURSELF TIME - I have been complaining about my weight gain for years with everybody I feel comfortable enough to talk about this with …my husband, my family, my best friend…After Ralph, CykleJab’s co-owner and trainer, measured my weight and body fat percentage, I started whining about my weight and fat percentage with him too! His answer was calm, straight and honest: “It took you 6 years to gain these extra pounds. You will lose this weight much faster than it took you to put them on.” I lost over 4 pounds after my first week (yeah!), nothing changed by the time I finished my second week (Nay!) but I lost an extra pound during my third week (Yes!). It is frustrating when you’ve been doing everything right, go an a scale and don’t see any progress. (To avoid this frustration, Ralph strongly recommended me to toss the scale from the start, but I didn’t…) Truth is how fast we can safely lose weight varies from one person to the other. However, we can notice benefits on our body and health even before we drop the first pounds - for example, I already feel de-bloated and my cronic neck pain is almost gone. Make this the year that you get serious about your body, and go after it. Consistency, effort, intensity, and dedication get results. To motivate and inspire you to succeed with your fitness’ goals,  join CykleJab body transformation challenge. Give CykleJab 8 weeks and they won’t just change how you look, they’ll change how you feel.

“A body like this doesn’t happen overnight…It takes pregnancy, some neglect and extra slices of pizza!”(

Want to learn more about CykleJab? Visit their website here.

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