CykleJab - 8 Weeks Back to Me (Week 2)

3 Things I Learnt About Exercising

By Macaroni Kid North East Miami and Miami Beach January 31, 2019

Welcome back to my CykleJab’s body transformation diary. It’s the end of week two (you can read about week one here), and so far I have stuck by the rules - 4 trainings/week,  no alcohol, bread, pasta or processed food. My biggest achievements so far have been: I am 4.5 pounds lighter, I am sleeping better, and I feel I have a better posture. 

My goal is to become a better version of me and this is not just about the body fat. I sit in a slouched position at my desk for hours every day, I use my laptop and smartphone a lot, I have been holding and picking up my kids for over 5 years and when I am not sitting I am most likely driving my car…These are daily tasks that I can’t avoid and that over time have had an impact on my appearance and on my health too. I have been experiencing neck pain and tension headaches a lot lately. With CykleJab’s workouts I am building my core muscles back, which will make me look more toned and will help me keep my body in an upright, balanced position. I feel the benefits already, after only two weeks of training.

Besides of helping me achieve my fitness goal, the program also taught me 3 things about exercising, and I am going to share these with you:

You need to like your trainer - You want your training session to be a great experience. It should be something you look forward to, and that requires you finding the right match when you’re joining a gym. When you think of a trainer, you may imagine a one-size-fits-all workout guru who can help with all of your fitness needs. But in reality, no two trainers are the same. Liking your instructor is essential to getting the most out of your workout. For example, I need someone who is a combo of drill sergeant/cheerleader, whose motto is “No Pain, No Gain” but at the same time someone who is my number one fan encouraging me to work hard and smash my fitness goals. Ralph, CykleJab’s co-owner, is super-friendly, always available, knows how to put a smile on his clients’ face and at the same time he challenges and motivates everyone to keep up the intense pace, push through the burn and give 120% in their workout. This gym has 5 awesome trainers and each one has a different style and technique. 

Variety is the spice of fitness - Breaking out of a workout route is no easy task. We’re creatures of habit and it’s all too easy to stick with our tried-and-true standard workout. I have been running most of my adult life. Before I started CykleJab’s transformation program, running was my go-to exercise. I thought I was in decent shape, went to my first class and got my butt kicked. I used to run 3/4 times a week but my belly fat was still there - my  body got used  running and became very efficient. I was burning fewer calories even when I was doing the same amount of exercise. At CykleJab classes change every single day, meaning you’ll never do the exact same workout twice in the same week, although the structure always stays the same: 20 minutes cykling + 20 minutes boxing + 10 minutes trainer’s choice. #theultimate50minutes. 

Gyms are full of Gods and Goddesses…and then there are people like me - Although I am not new to the sports world, I’ve never been much of a gym person. To me gyms looks like places filled with people with amazing bodies (and outfits) who seem to know exactly what they are doing, when I have no clue and I wear my husband's old t-shirt and my maternity yoga pants. However, everyone has to start somewhere, so forget about how you compare to others. In any case CykleJab is a “Judgement Free Zone”, inviting, everybody’s-welcome gym right here in our neighborhood. 

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