Join CykleJab Transformation Challenge, Get in Shape & Win

Ready for a transformation and like the idea of winning prizes? Then this is the challenge for you!

By CykleJab and Macaroni Kid NE Miami & Miami Beach January 11, 2019

Getting in shape is a New Year’s resolution that many of us want to pursue in 2019. We have finally run out of cookies, eggnog, turkey… and our goal finally sounds very achievable, doesn’t it? 

But let’s be real, whether we’re a working or a stay-at-home parent, have babies or big kids, our lives are already filled with so many responsibilities that squeezing in workouts can feel impossible, and sticking with our resolution overwhelming. 

By the end of January many of us will wonder how to stay on track and reach our health & fitness goal. In most cases, resolutions will fail by the end of next month…but this year, they don't have to be ours! To motivate and inspire us to succeed with our new year’s resolution, CykleJab - the brand new fitness studio in the Shores - is launching an 8 week ultimate body transformation challenge, starting on Monday, February 4th.

Are you ready for a transformation and like the idea of winning prizes? Then this is the challenge for you!

Give CykleJab 8 weeks and they won’t just change how you look, they’ll change how you feel. Whether you’re brand- new to fitness, restarting your journey, or a seasoned expert, this will motivate and help you get fit, loose those last few pounds of belly fat and improve your energy. 

Created by CykleJab’s co-founders Todd Headley and Ralph Jacob, also a boxing trainer who caters to professional athletes, the 8 week challenge enables you to dedicate yourself to achieve the results you are after, as well as to understand and develop healthier eating habits and increase your fitness levels.

The challenge, open to all levels, combines a 50 minute fun and smart workout (cykling + boxing) that snaps you out of your routine and shocks your muscles, alongside an 8 week nutritional guideline. 

Join CykleJab's  8 week ultimate body transformation challenge for $499 (just $8/day) and receive a package that includes:

  • 32 classes in 60 days - the Challenge starts on Monday, February 4th and ends on Sunday, March 31st
  • one HR Monitor/Calorie Counter
  • one pair of boxing gloves 
  • one pair of boxing wraps 
  • 8 week nutritional guideline 
  • one on one initial assessment with certified personal trainer
  • access to food delivery service at a discount

That is a value of over $1200!!!

In addition, to help stay focused on your goals, Cyklejab offers participants the chance to win these awesome prizes:

  • 1st Place - 1 month unlimited CJ Membership;
  • 2nd Place - $89 CJ credit;
  • 3rd Place - $59 CJ credit.

Because everyone’s priorities are different - for some it might be solely to lose fat, for others it’s more about tone up, gain muscle, or lean out for example - the 3 winners will be selected based on a mix of the following criteria:

  • classes attended;
  • calories burned (in class);
  • pounds lost;
  • positive attitude.

Sign up, Initial weigh ins and 1:1 assessments begin at CykleJab on Monday January 14th. Call Ralph at (305) 906-1444 and schedule your appointment. 

To find out more, come to the Free Orientation Events on:

  • Thursday, January 17th at 8pm;
  • Thursday, January 24th at 8pm;
  • Thursday, January 31st at 8pm. 

It’s time to get lean, become a better version of yourself & gain confidence in yourself!


9521 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores

+1 (305) 906-1444

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