Happy One Year 'Mac-Aversary' to Me!

By Francesca Walker October 4, 2018

We made it! October 5th, 2018 is the first birthday of Macaroni Kid North East Miami and Miami Beach. When I launched it, I had no idea if this would work, but, being a local mom, I knew that the parents needed a one-stop-shop where they could find all the family-friendly things there are to see and do in our area! 

Over the past year, we’ve published 52 newsletters, more than 4,470 events  and over 350 articles that have received 73K page views. Wow! We grew from 9 subscribers (ughhh!) to over 1K local families that regularly read our website, newsletter and Facebook page. We have built a lot of great relationships with local businesses, and we are looking forward to strengthening them even further.  

In celebrating this important milestone, I would like to thank the people who have helped me in this journey, starting with Chief Macaroni Mom Joyce Shulman and her amazing team - incl. Eric, Jamie, Megan and Charlotte - as well as the other outstanding Publisher Moms that are part of Macaroni Kid Community - Kelly, Victoria, Carmen, Renae, Lori, Samantha and Ashley, to name a few. 

I also want to thank YOU for reading Macaroni Kid North East Miami and Miami Beach newsletter and website, and for contributing to the growth of our community. You’ve surprised me with your support, motivated me to keep going and encouraged local businesses to trust us when it comes to promoting what they do through Macaroni Kid. 

Most importantly, I want to thank my husband and our two children for all the support, love, strength and inspiration that they have given me. Without them, Macaroni Kid North East Miami and Miami Beach would not exist. I love you! 

I am so looking forward to the next 12 months! 

Sending you a little of my happy,