Worst Parenting Advice We Have Ever Received…

By Jonathan Macy - Creator & Author, The Daddy's Life May 17, 2018

Every parent and grandparent has their own tips, tricks, or advice for expecting or new parents.  Some of them work.  Some of them do not.  We do keep in mind that every child is different but it is hard to imagine that some of the advice that we have been given will really work.  Some of these bits of wisdom also call into question where this wisdom comes from…

  • “Give him M&Ms or candy so he can skip his nap.” 
  • “Lock your bedroom door and let him walk around the house until he crashes if he won’t fall asleep.” 

We would not pass these two pieces of advice along to any of our friends or new or expecting parents.  These are the kinds of things you hear and wonder if you actually heard them.  And the kind of things you tell a friend as a joke.  

There is one thing that we, as parents, have learned while raising our two young boys. The best advice you can receive is simple – know your child or children.  The better you know him or her, the better equipped all parents will be to address their child’s needs no matter what.  As an example, many of our older son’s contemporaries have dropped their naps altogether.  We tried to take away nap to see if it would help our son sleep better at night.  It did not.  Nap is back.  He is happier and more well rested.  Many of our friends just told us to keep pushing him.  It did not work, it will not work. Know your child.  Best advice we can offer. 

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