Best Tips To Make Spring Cleaning A Whole Lot Easier

By Francesca Walker March 29, 2018

Some of us have been neglectful of such "regular" cleaning chores but now that Spring is here, it's time to face the dirty facts. Plunging into spring cleaning and de-cluttering without a little forethought can be overwhelming and frustrating though. ​
To help you have a more satisfying spring cleaning experience, we contacted 3 Professional Organizers in our area and asked them to share their best tips with us all.

Sarah Giller Nelson, Owner, Less is More Organizing Services
"While a marathon weekend Spring cleaning session can be very satisfying, between play dates, nap schedules, trips to the grocery store, and family activities, being able to dedicate so much time to one, not-so- child-friendly endeavor is just not realistic for many parents. Instead, think of Spring cleaning as a series of "organizing sprints": maximize the bits of time you have, set a timer, and break projects into hyper-focused chunks. In 15 minutes you can declutter a junk drawer or the medicine cabinet. Take 30 minutes to tackle some kids books or a few shelves in the playroom.

Cindy Huzenman, Professional Organizer, Cindyology 
"My favorite tip/advise for spring cleaning or any other time, is a three step process. This can be used for every and any space in your home. And at any time you feel the need. Not only in spring. 
First, take a good look at the area you’re ready to clean. Visualize the items you need to put away and items you’re ready to edit, take out what you haven’t used first and get it ready to be donated. Then take everything else out and do a deep clean of the space. This will immediately refresh the area. Get it ready for a reload! 
Second, and very important, once everything is out and have three categories ready 1) Keep 2) donate 3) storage! This way you can get containers (bins or baskets) for the items that stay and larger storage bins for the items that will be stored away until next time. Categorize the items that stay to fit your needs. 
Finally, once everything is put back to its place make sure to LABEL!! My favorite, as this will let you keep a system where items are returned to its place after every use. Make sure to label bins that will be stored too as this lets you know what’s inside when you’re ready to get to it next time!"

Beth Levin, Owner, The Closet Queen 
"The best tip I can give for Spring Cleaning for kids: Make sure that all clothing fits each child and is in great condition. Anything that doesn’t should be donated to a charity of your choice and not taking up space in the closet."

After cleaning, you might have bags of clothes, pieces of furniture and other reusable items that you don’t use, wear or love anymore. Read here a roundup of 10 terrific places and causes in our area where you can donate just about anything.

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